30 march horoscope for gemini

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Stars favour you on the property front. You are likely to become popular on the social front, just by keeping in touch with others. You are likely to overstrain yourself in your pursuit of total fitness.

Vogue Edition

Your monetary strength is set to rise. You are likely to establish yourself firmly in your profession.

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You may need to give priority to a pressing family issue. Outdoors will help you rejuvenate and will restore your energies. Survey the real estate market before settling on any deal, as getting something better is possible. This may create a dilemma for you and affect your social life.

March 12222 Horoscope: Predictions for Gemini

Your focus on fitness promises to keep you full of energy and dynamism. Financial prospects brighten, but you will need to remain judicious in your spending. You are likely to maintain your superiority in a competitive situation at work. Securing a loan will help you in realising the dream of owning a property. Social front may get neglected due to your busy work schedule. Keeping fit will be your mantra and motivate you to undertake strenuous activities. Those feeling cash-strapped can expect a bonus. Work piles up on the professional front and may undermine your enthusiasm.

Clearing the air regarding a misunderstanding at home will prevent unnecessary tensions. Average returns from a property owned by you may not make you too happy. You are likely to consolidate on whatever you have achieved on the social front up till now.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope By Dr Sankaramanchi Ramakrishna Sastry -24 March 2019 - 30 March 2019

Health remains satisfactory through own efforts. This is the time to take stock of your financial situation before you proceed ahead. Things move smoothly at work, as you begin to enjoy what you are doing. Some misunderstanding within the family cannot be ruled out, which may lead to frayed tempers. Playing one against the other will help achieve your selfish motive. Health can cause problems due to negligence.

Praise is in store for something you have done on the domestic front. Fun may be missing from a vacation.

Birthday Horoscope And Zodiac Dates for -

You may need to give more emphasis to your financial management. Those in hospitality and service sectors will find the day less hectic, than usual. Love Focus: Romantic thoughts are likely to dominate your mind, but meeting lover today may be difficult. Follow more stories on Facebook and Twitter. Dead rat in mid-day meal sends 9 students, teacher in UP school to hospital.

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This face mask can help combat sleep apnoea, snoring. There could also be significant effects on your bank balance: it would be nice to have more cash in your pocket. You have never liked playing second fiddle, and those who expect you to give in to their ways had better learn that you are not to be pushed around. On your side, though, you should try not to find offence where none is intended. It may be necessary to tie up one or two loose ends from a domestic alteration or family arrangement that you thought had been concluded some time ago.

In your capable hands all problems will be solved.

Gemini 12222 Horoscope

But you have to be prepared to go any distance, put in any effort, to complete a worthwhile project. Loved ones and close companions can be moody and difficult to please precisely because you have refused to give way over a financial matter.

Mercury enters Sagittarius

You can be surprisingly inflexible when you choose, but you have to be prepared to experiment and investigate new lifestyles. One way or another everything will become clear within a few days. Instead of allowing your confidence to be undermined, as will tend to happen from now until the end of next week, why not decide to take control and do whatever is necessary to get ahead? After all, there is everything to gain from taking a step into the future. No doubt you are brimming with inner confidence, no matter how pessimistic your comments to friends may be.