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Because, if you do not have marriage yoga combination so the whole discussion will be meaningless To check that Please read the reply what I have given to Sumit just before you. After checking the marriage yoga, if marriage yoga is present, now your next job is to find out whether both of you are destined to do love marriage or only arranged marriage. To find out you will have to understand behavioral factor in the horoscope of 5th house and its lord at first, see where the lord is sitting or is there any connection with any marriage related houses, specially 7th house or its lord or not.

Why 5th house and lord? Venus will also play an important role over here. Now I do not want to confuse you, because many other things determine whether that would be love or arranged marriage, but here let me discuss only the basic and easiest one. If 5th house is connected with marriage related houses in Rashi chart in horoscope so you will fall in love and it will go very near to marriage, but as long as Navamsa or D-9 is not supporting the same yoga, means, if somehow the 5th house or its lord is not connected with the marriage yoga — till then love marriage is not confirmed.

I have even seen that relationship has broken after exchanging rings engagement. If in both charts love marriage is supporting so that will definitely be a love marriage dear. Check in both of your birth chart the same, what I have stated till now. If you want to know in depth please let me know, I will definitely guide you.


At first judge both of your horoscope — the way I have mentioned above and let me know what is the result, then i will tell you the next step — to see whether both of you will marry each other or not. This a bit tricky and advance astrological judgement, but if you want to know I will definitely guide you……. Thank you Sir, I have gone through the article. I have not yet analysed the D-9 chart. I might take sometime to analyse it.

Also Rahu in 9th house aspecting the 5th house. Jupiter and Rahu inter aspecting each other I do not know whether it is a positive or a negative aspect. Currently I am on Jupiter dasa.

Currently I am running through one of the darkest moments of my life. I have met this guy in my jupiter dasa. His acsendant lord is saturn placed in ascendant ascpenting Sun his 7th lord posited in 7th house. There is a public opinion in the partnership between us sun in 7th. Here I think Saturn is also straining out relationships. Even though his chart seems to look quite good.

His DOB is is , at 6pm evening , place Nadia district of west bengal. He is currently in his Mercury dasa. But all these are just the natal chart interpretations. I quiet overlooked the 2nd lord thing.

Virgo Man as a Husband

But now I know that 2nd lord and 2nd house plays a part in it. I guess I need to deal with patience and anxiety from my part. I appreciate your effort — how thoroughly you have tried to judge your horoscope, specially Natal Chart. Always remeber Natal chart is only for over all judgement.

It shows all aspects of life. Divisional Charts are like x-ray plates of each part of our life, like — D for career, D for education etc. In your case D-9 Or Navamsa will be the main divisional chart to judge marriage yoga and also marital life. So, these type of situations really we need to deal with patience. In Astrology Saturn represents — Patience and Perseverance. The strength of patience will be depending upon the strength of Saturn and 5th house also. Keep learning dear, We are here just to discover ourselves.

Every relationship brings a totally new possibility to know thyself. Enjoy each and every relationship, because every relationship tells us something. My Name is neha DOB is 7 feb time pm place delhi. I am Software Engineer in Bangalore. Wearing an Opal in right hand index from last week Mars Mahadasha is starting in November. How will it be. Moon is in 8th house hence Venus has got connection of 8th house, which is not auspicious house at all as far as the material success is concern.

Virgo Man with other Zodiac Signs

This house is good for research and some occult related matter. But, for material world this house only gives bad result. So, as per your rashi chart is concern you should wear a white diamond, if diamond is not possible for you to get, just wear Jarkon, but opal is not a good choice. Opal is also for venus but it is not powerful enough to give you good result. So, always be careful before doing so. Because, a planet may be the 9th lord in your rashi chart but it may be 8th lord in another divisional chart.

Like — D10 for career, D9 for marriage etc. So, if you are giving strength to a planet so it may give you good result for a time being but it can spoil also another part of your life and as long as you will understand the real reason till then everything is over, I have seen many lives like this. So, always wear gemstone after consulting with an experienced and good astrologer, and last but not the least for everything to happen the quality of the gemstone should be very good, then only it will give effect. It is not necessary all costly materials are good, so, be careful while buying.

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Now as far as your love or arranged marriage matter is concern, I want to tell you one thing, before judging whether it will be love or arranged at first judge whether you have marriage yoga in your horoscope or not. I checked the link given about whether Marriage will happen or not. It seems in my case there may be a delay.

Kindly check. I have already discussed the same topic — love or arranged marriage in astrology above. Try to find out this yoga from your horoscope also. I m in very painful situation. And I wanna marry her she also knows. Will I succeed?? Will it be possible? Will I have arranged or love marriage? Hi sir my name is praveen date of birth 20september time of birth 8. To get your answer that — when you will get married you can take the help of these two articles — Marriage in palmistry and timing of marriage in horoscope.

These two will help you to some extent.

Is it love or arranged? My DOB is 06 Nov, I am in relationship and want to get married with that person. Time of Birth is First of all you never have given me any place of birth. Still I am giving you some tips with the help of which you would be able to get your answer. At first try to find out is there any love marriage yoga in both of your charts take the help what I have mentioned in this page then see the marriage age of both of you, are they same or not?

That is totally obsolete nowadays. Judge both of your Navamsa or D-9 too, because actually that is the chart for marriage. After all these what is the result just tell me I will guide what next to judge.

Quiz: Howstuffworks

Dob These both picture you will have to see form both the chart — 1. Always remember navamsa or D-9 is the main chart for marriage in astrology. You can ask Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee any specific question regarding astrology, but that would be only for educational purpose, so that everybody can be benefited. Sir, If I want to consult face to face…then just suggest me what i have to do…. Is there any chamber in kolkata? We welcome you to AstroSanhita. To know whether Dr.

Will you marry the person you love? It can be predicted by the help of astrology

Bhattacharjee would be available for face to face consultation or not please call him. Dear Sowmya, Without Birth Data it is not possible to say anything in predictive astrology.

For more — Consultation. Your email address will not be published.