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If you had all the confidence in the world what would you do? Where would you put your energy? The Sun is filling you with enthusiasm. Bye, bye fear and hello happiness. Let the good times roll! Who do you feel comfortable with? In whose company do you feel that you can truly be you? Acceptance, belonging, your tribe, group or circle of friends will be very much in focus this month as well as secrets, truths and revelations. Pretence, putting on a front, wearing a mask and trying to fit in — forget it. A massive gathering in your house of friends and contacts has you looking at how, where and most importantly, with whom you truly fit in.

Ruler Mars in your 9 th of expansion not only unshackles you from what holds you back, but sends your confidence soaring. February is a month to love and own who you truly are. With no apologies. The funny thing is, when we come from a place of integration and acceptance, we draw to us the people who reflect that. Expect shifts in your social circle and even your professional one if work needs to be done here.

Think belonging: where do you belong? Sometimes we have to go in search of our life and our people for that matter. Prepare to accept all invitations — especially the sudden, unexpected, unusual or last-minute kind.

zodiac mermaids | Tumblr

Act on your ideas. This is also your house of goals and dreams. Your dreams and goals are linked to who you truly are. You have them for a reason.


Links are being made between this house and your 5 th of creativity, romance and pleasure. Very often the reason we have our dreams is in order to express and shine at being ourselves. And that is exactly what it is. Falling in love with ourselves. Those who support this should be clear now and getting clearer as the month unfolds. Who wants to be your Valentine? The company you keep could be more important than you imagine this month. And it says everything about you now so choose carefully and search out that sense of true belonging.

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A partial eclipse also strikes your 11 th this month opening you up to new social and professional contacts and exploring your dreams. You could discover new ones and re-commit to existing ones while one may even come within your grasp now — perhaps through a contact or via a totally unexpected way. Prepare to be surprised — if only at your own inventiveness when it comes to attaining your goals. As usual with eclipses — wait for more to be revealed.

Avoid big decisions for two days either side of the eclipse too if you possibly can. And if you feel something is being kept from you — press that pause button at once. Eclipses conceal so wait for what emerges from the shadow. There is all the more reason to do this as we have the planetary migration into your 12 th of secrets, all things hidden and even hidden enemies occurring now.

Venus enters here five days before the eclipse inking us to higher love and also inspiration. People from your past may rebound back into your life — especially if there is unfinished business between you. This could even be a past lover as ruler Mars squares Neptune in your 12 th on the 17 th and then impacts on the North Node in your 5 th.

Venus will also meet Neptune in your 12 th and square Mars from here. Be aware that the past can represent a trap so use caution if thinking about rekindling that former flame. Above all, ensure it is not you who is the one with secrets.


If you have them or just have something you need kept confidential, then only confide in someone utterly trustworthy. If someone confides in you, please keep what you are told in the vault. It goes both ways. News in the final days of the month could provide liberation and release from a situation that has become confining or stale. This is a good time to rekindle any psychic interests you have.

Love begins with you this month, Aries — and attracts back to you what you send out. Your career, professional goals, reputation and rewards are all the focus of some major planetary activity this month. And as a result, expect partnerships and even your lifestyle to be affected. The question you may have to ponder now is two-fold: will you open it or can you not hear it because you yourself are knocking on the wrong door?

But no matter how much time and love you may have invested, unless you have the result you were after it is now time to cut your losses and move on. What adds value to your life becomes incredibly important as the Sun opposes the North Node from your 10 th to your 4 th. You crave stability but you may now see that in order to get that something has to change and in this case, it looks like you.

Ruler Venus makes a square to Jupiter in your 7 th on the 4 th and unlike other squares which can be tense, this one allows for some free-flowing emotional connection. Or the emergence of truth. If something is out of whack — i. Above all, try to defer decisions or even judgement in the time immediately before, during and after the solar eclipse of the 15 th which once again, occurs in your 10 th.

This happens at the time of the new Moon in here. Usually we would say this is a time of new beginnings. But due to the eclipse which conceals and then later reveals from its shadow, it simply is not a good time to leap in to something unawares. If however, you have been contemplating a move for some time, this eclipse may signal you putting this into action. This is the time you could see career plans come to fruition or discover those doors remain firmly closed.

Guard your reputation carefully now as it is under scrutiny — for better or worse! If you have invested heavily in your professional career or been extremely focussed on one area of your life — say your relationship, then you will either discover it has all been worth it — or not. Due to the house the eclipse falls in as well as the sign, you will find that it brings up extremes — it is one thing or the other — success or failure with not much in-between. Again, remember, let some time pass before acting if you can.

Especially if you do not have the result you hoped for as more may come to light. Wait for this to happen then move forward empowered. After all this intense focus, your ruler is on a mission to lighten the load. Venus heads into your social 11 th and also your house of goals, wishes and dreams from the 10 th just prior to the eclipse period where she makes a wonderful angle to Saturn in your 9 th perhaps opening that door for some of you. The Sun meeting Mercury in your 10 th on the 17 th could bring good news around your career or job status.

The Sun and Mercury then move on into your 11 th the following day.

Expect free-flowing communications, ideas, invitations and a new focus on social activities. Your circle of professional contacts could also expand. Fabulous soul connections could be made when Venus meets Neptune on the 21 st which make you feel you are communicating on a higher level. There is a feeling perhaps of connecting with this person before. The connection could be spiritual and even telepathic at times! Good friends, good company and also unusual ideas provide you with a necessary release now.

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  5. The same goes for relationships. Just bear in mind that right now your best resources are friends rather than partners. Social life lacking or just lacklustre? Time to make the effort and change that. February offers a course adjustment in your career if one is needed, and a wider social experience too. Remember, something has to change now and it all starts with you. In a nutshell: Opportunity could come knocking this month, Taurus.

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